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360° projection film for the Tamatete Gallery in Rome. To realise the concept of a cylindrical music box, multiple screens display offset versions of the film at different speeds, while the CG animation loop was driven by MIDI files created from a scan of the flattened cylinder. The music track was chosen for its reference to stargazing, and its use in many languages.

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About Tomato Projects

Tomato was founded in 1991 as a collective of directors, designers, artists, writers and composers. The group develops cross platform, multimedia projects that are commercial, artistic and research based.

Tomato works in the areas of commercial film and content, cross-media campaign development, branding, interactive and digital/app creation, installations, events and motion graphics. Open collaboration is fundamental to the practice, and Tomato creates specific teams for every project, with members directly creating the work and responsible to the client.

To date, Tomato has created and produced in more than 35 countries, and their work has been recognized with over 50 international awards in the fields of film, design, typography, music and art direction. Primary studios are based in London and Los Angeles, with new field offices in New York, Tokyo, and Melbourne.