Twist Director Matt Pittroff Gets “Ready to Roll” With New Campaign For Firehouse Subs

Filmed in the famous “Windy City” of Chicago, Twist Director Matt Pittroff gets “Ready to Roll” in a new campaign for Firehouse Subs. Established in 1994 by two former firefighter brothers, Firehouse Subs is reputable for being the “Hero of all Subs.” The new campaign gives a comedic twist to hunger and heroism.

Fighting fires is a tough job and firefighters get ready by making sure to satisfy their appetite. Although you’re not a firefighter with your pants tucked in your boots, with Firehouse Subs you can always “be ready like one.”

Get more on the “Hero of all Subs” here.

"I tasked Twist with the equivalent of spinning dishes on poles while riding a unicycle and young hungry puppies nipped at their feet," says MARC USA's Executive Producer Snake Roth. "Not only did they not drop a dish - they built a circus tent and gave me a show." 

“MARC consistently offers up great creative, and this particular set of boards was really exciting to me. This was a huge job for the agency, a massive job for the client, and an exciting one for me,” notes Pittroff. “Critical casting, spectacular production design, and fantastical practical effects. And Chicago kicked this job's ass.  I could not have been more thrilled with my experience in the Windy City. My crew was amazing. The accommodations, the food, the whole experience was top-notch.  Duh, I guess: the third largest city in the nation with big city sophistication and a wonderful Mid-western kindness. Why wouldn’t it be a great place to work?”

“When we were asked to shoot in Chicago, the tax rebate was a major factor. Originally looking at LA, we knew this job would need a strong Art Department to make it work,” adds Twist EP Alissa Liebert. “Chicago totally delivered. From day one, our Production Designer Joe Bristol worked with Matt to puzzle-solve. And nailed it.  It was one of those jobs where everyone was on the same page.  After the last shot wrapped, everyone clapped, which is pretty common. But then something magical happened: everyone HUGGED. Client, agency, crew, Uber drivers. Everyone. That doesn’t happen. Couldn’t have asked for a more talented creative team, a cooler client, or a better crew.”